A mini-documentary about Reg Roach and his son Paul who have been running their specialised analogue camera shop for nearly 60 years in the heart of Croydon.

Runnning Time: 1 min

It recently screened as part of the FUTURE/POWER exhibition curated by the ICA and the Social Creative Network at the Croydon Arts Store in February 2018.




An observational and character-led short documentary about the community values and traditions of a local pub in Bournemouth.

Running Time: 14 mins

It recently screened at the Cheap Cut Documentary Festival on

17th May 2018 at Hackney Attic Picturehouse. 


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Find a review of Crickland here.


(Please contact rebeccarichards93@gmail.com for password if you wish to view)


A visual and aural exploration of the topic of electro-sensitivity and the way in which technology is affecting and influencing today's society, with testimonies from those suffering with the effects of it.

Running Time: 4 mins


This project was completed under the training and funding of the Arts University Bournemouth and the Bournemouth Film School.


An short documentary that looks at the aftermath of the London riots, specifically focusing on the story of a small family business that were directly hit in Croydon. Highlighting the affect that the riots have made on local businesses, the Patel family and the wider area of Croydon.


Running Time: 5 mins

This project was part of scheme with BFI and Doc Next Network, mentoring with BAFTA and funding by the European Cultural Foundation.




A feature-length documentary study, directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo, of the Mediterranean island of Hvar. It is a young woman’s ode to her Grandfather and a portrait of a group of men struggling to maintain their fishing livelihood in a rapidly changing landscape. Rebecca's role on this was as an Assistant Editor creating the first full length cut of the project, which gave her a great foundation and learning for documentary storytelling.

Running Time: 68 mins